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Why Vacuum Packaging Is Best for Food Products?

Why Vacuum Packaging Is Best for Food Products?
Issue Time:2010-07-06

Healthy eating is now a ruling passion, because people have turned very circumspect & cautious about their food regiment and always desire to eat fresh and hygienic food. Advancement in technology initiated practice of packaging horticultural & agricultural commodities that has changed the dietary pattern of the people. Innovation of machinery and equipments paved the way for maintaining fresh state and naturalness of processed food for a longer period of time in a discreet way. And some other important innovations in vacuum packaging technology sprung up, such as the wafer level and Hermetic sealing which made vacuum packaging more reliable and efficient.???


Vacuum packaging machine helps significantly preserve the nutritional value and natural flavor of food. This means that you need not add extra salt and fat in your cooking in order to preserve the food for an extended time. because vacuum packing does not let the ingredients lose their naturalness, as a result you can have flavor and a health conscious diet.

Before the advent of vacuum packaging technology, the method of freezing was a commonplace for sustaining the pristine quality of food but the drawback of freezing method is the presentation and flavor which suffer badly. you can also find the food looks less than palatable when you simmer the frozen food, the freezer burn that is the main culprit is caused by oxidation, dehydration, and slow bacterial growth. So Vacuum Packing is a boon to packaging industry because? it greatly improves the look and taste of the frozen food.

Vacuum packing is a procedure for extracting air from a special vacuum bag or vacuum container so as to shield the food from the harmful effects of contact with oxygen that accelerates the pace of deterioration of the food, thereby keeping the food fresher and hygienic for a longer period of time.

Actually there are two kinds of vacuum packaging machines are available in the market. So it is quite important to know the difference between these two different kinds of machines. These are generally referred to vacuum chamber machines where bag and contents are set inside the machine where as external bag machine, where only the end of the bag is set into the machine and rest of the bag and contents are set outside of the machine, in which the open end of the vacuum bag is clamped under the lid of the machine. Eventually air is extracted by using an electric pump, then the bag is heat sealed.

There are numerous advantages of Vacuum packaging that helps extend the shelf life of many perishable foods, such as, Fish, Meat, Eggs, Poultry, Fruits, Vegetables and Baked products by removing oxygen. Other packaging applications are vulnerable to the chemical effect of atmospheric oxygen and attack by insect pests, resulting in changes in flavor, odor, and color, and leading to an overall deterioration in food quality. Vacuum packaging is also essential for dry products by setting moisture aside from it, with gas flush is also important for crushable and soft products that makes the look of products better and fresh that means more sales.????

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