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How to improve food and product packaging machinery technology

How to improve food and product packaging machinery technology
Issue Time:2010-08-03

    Food machinery and packaging machinery in the field of major technical problems

    After nearly three decades of construction and development, industry made great achievements, better support for the food industry, agricultural product processing industry, packaging industry and other industries, the country's economic construction, social development, improve living standards and make an important contribution. However, food machinery and packaging machinery in China's development not fully meet the economic and social development of the strategic requirements, and foreign industry there are some gaps. Therefore, we must address the current situation, identify problems, speed up development.

     China's food and packaging machinery firm size and increases the number; product type and more, small batch; business linkages between small, ancillary support poor; severe lack of competitiveness and development of power; enterprises manufacturing equipment based on traditional, less modern CNC equipment , machinery manufacturing level and low level of information is difficult to guarantee product quality; product lacks the intellectual property, originality Chanpin less, products with low technological content, short life cycle; the lack of professional engineering and technical personnel, national universities are not specifically set up food machinery, Specialty packaging machinery, mostly in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, packaging engineering set up a professional direction, the number of professional talents inadequate, the lack of cross Juyouxueke background, system master the scientific and technological advanced engineering talents; Xiandai machinery design method used is not common, long product development cycle, integrated design, manufacturing, engineering, supporting poor and seriously affect technological innovation and new product development, development constraints across the enterprise; traditional food processing technology not suited to food industrialization and mechanization and intelligence requirements, development of food processing technology and equipment design out of line, limiting the food processing industry; adapt to large industrial food production equipment and production line of low-tech, small scale production. Not meet the food needs of industrial development can only be imported from abroad.

    The main GM food processing equipment, high energy consumption, produced relatively low, less capacity, low technical content. Not meet the needs of large-scale industrial food production; food processing equipment and packaging machinery line quality inspection, product safety, human and machine and the environment, coordination of inadequate attention; the main components of low precision, the main general-purpose piece of quality and technology level is not high, seriously affecting the work of mechanical speed and quality of work; servo motor, stepper motor, PLC, sensors and other key components also dependent on foreign technology and imported; conditions and a lack of technological innovation, R & D money into small enterprises, according to statistics less than 1%, severely constrained the development of enterprises; new technology, new materials, Lag Application of information technology in new product development, technological innovation, research and development of major equipment, lack of technical integration, interdisciplinary, technology integration and other support.

   Expand the scale and improve the level of product technology major measures

   To food machinery and packing machine is suitable for food industry, agricultural products processing industry, packaging industry development needs should continue to improve the technological level of products, enhance independent innovation capability and competitiveness, expand the business scale, to achieve the sustainable development of the industry.

    Strengthen the product of specialized production, expanding production scale, the establishment of production based on a particular product or process or core group critical equipment, bigger and stronger enterprise, comprehensively enhance the viability and competitiveness of enterprises.

    Strengthen the independent innovation, develop core competencies and intellectual property rights of food machinery and packaging machinery, and improving product technology.

   To achieve product design information. The use of modern mechanical design, the use of advanced mechanical design software for food machinery, packaging machinery innovative design, improve the technical level of mechanical products, mechanical products, reduce costs, shorten product development cycles. For example: finite element analysis, optimal design, reliability, design, modern design, mechanical product design; the use of advanced mechanical design software, such as mechanical 3D modeling software (such as Pro / E, Solidworks, UG, CAXA, etc.) , finite element analysis software ANSYS, and other mechanical dynamics analysis software ADAMS, Optimal design of mechanical products, mechanical products, improve the static and dynamic performance, reduced product quality and volume, reduce product processing and assembly costs, shorten product development cycles.

    To achieve product design and manufacturing of digital and information. Improve and perfect the existing business of manufacturing equipment, and improving the CNC machining capacity, the introduction of modern manufacturing technology, manufacturing and assembly to improve product quality, shorten production cycle.

    Raising product of CAD / CAPP / CAM level, to achieve product design, engineering, production of data sharing, improve the technological level of products and processing accuracy, shorten the production cycle.

    Expansion of new technologies, new materials. Through technology integration and information technology, continuous improvement and innovation in food machinery and packaging machinery to enhance the technical content of enterprise products and market competitiveness.

    Vigorously promote and realize the automation and intelligence products. Increased food processing and packaging process of detection and monitoring system, using sensor technology, image identification technology, automatic control technology, computer technology and other advanced technology to improve food machinery, packaging machinery and production lines of light, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, Gas level of integration, to achieve single production process and production line automation and intelligence to reach the level of developed countries in the last century.

    Improvement and innovation of traditional food production processes, development of large industrial production to adapt to the key equipment. The food industry is a history of several thousand years of traditional industries, the traditional process based on hand to keep food in the color, smell, taste, type, etc. play an important role, but severe constraints of food industrialization and mechanization of production. Therefore, must be based on food quality, flavor, bold innovation, improvement and innovation of traditional crafts, food processing and packaging to achieve the basis of industrialization, speed up the process of industrialization, development of key equipment, and to achieve food processing, packaging, mechanization and modernization.

    Professional training of senior engineering and technical personnel to ensure product innovation and industry across the development. Science and Technology is to revitalize the food machinery and packaging machinery industry's first productivity, to enhance scientific research and product innovation is the key to a large number of highly qualified scientists. Train high-quality food machinery and packaging machinery professionals in the industry based on sustainable development strategies. Therefore, universities must be increased in the food machinery and packaging machinery to set the direction, training senior professionals in this field of engineering and technical personnel. Training professionals in the following ways:

    In mechanical design, manufacturing and automation set food machinery, packaging machinery direction, train talents in this field; in food engineering, packaging engineering specialty food machinery, packaging machinery direction, train talents in this field; in mechanical Master design and theory, doctoral set food machinery, packaging machinery research, advanced research training in this field personnel; in Vocational and Technical College to establish food machinery, packaging machinery, specialized training for the industry, highly skilled personnel.

    Learn from leading international business development and positioning of principle: "first-class enterprise to make the standard, second-rate brand companies do, the three companies to do product flow." Business enterprise standards of products starting from the support and participation in industry standards development and implementation of national standards. Development of high standards, producing high-quality products, to create - Flow business.

    Industry development strategy, key technologies and trends

    According to industry "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", 2010 food machinery and packaging machinery industry output expected to reach 140 billion yuan, is expected to "12 5" medium-term sector gross industrial output value will reach 600 billion yuan. By summing up domestic and foreign trade status, China's food machinery and packaging machinery in the field of development trends are as follows;

    Business and product development strategies and trends: enterprise groups, product specialization, quality, standardization, cooperation, alliances, technology; corporate and product market competition, International; products of independent innovation and intellectual property; enterprises and environmental protection, energy saving products; resource conservation, sustainable use of products; product must ensure the safety of food.

     The main areas of technical problems and development trends: the development meet the food industry, agriculture Goes to industrial production of key technologies, equipment and production lines; develop to meet the food safety and food quality requirements on-line testing equipment; general equipment to energy conservation, energy direction development; special equipment to high efficiency, high energy direction; product design and manufacturing to the full realization of information; new technology, new materials, integrated applications, support products, innovative design, improve product quality and performance; stand-alone products to automatic production line development; product intelligence, product line information.

     Key developments in the field of food machinery technology: traditional food form of encouragement I work process improvement and innovation, such as: modified rice, cooking, packaging and production technology and equipment, industrial development; dumplings, steamed buns and other industrial equipment, molding technology and development; bread , noodles and other products to facilitate the industrialization of key technologies and equipment; bulk food processing technology and equipment, general improvement and innovation, such as: crushing, drying, separation and other key technology and equipment innovation; large-scale production of key food processing equipment and production line development research; food processing machinery and equipment of energy-saving techniques; food processing to improve product yield, utilization, quality of technical studies; food processing and equipment to ensure food hygiene and safety technology and equipment research; food processing line detection and control device development and research.

    The development of packaging machinery in the field of key technologies: new packaging materials, packaging research and development of new vessels; packaging materials, finishing, measuring, delivery technologies and devices for research and development; traditional packaging and process improvement and innovative design; high-speed packaging machine The design and control development; multi-axis servo control technology and applied research; line detection, image recognition, fault diagnosis, intelligent control technology research;

    After several generations the building nearly 30 years, China's food machinery and packaging machinery industry has developed into a major industry supporting the national economy, as China's food industry, agricultural product processing industry, packaging industry to ensure the development of equipment, reducing food machinery and packaging machinery import dependence, save foreign exchange and to achieve export earnings, a group of key technology and equipment has reached the international advanced level, China: has become a food machinery and packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing country.

   We are confident that, through the industry 5 years to 10 years of effort, adhere to independent innovation and international cooperation, adhere to enterprise groups, product specialization, quality standardization, alliance-based, China will inevitably emerge more and better with intellectual property rights, high technology, manufacturing quality, internationally competitive food machinery and packaging equipment machinery and equipment, China will certainly become a food machinery and packaging machinery manufacturing power.

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