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Perspective of domestic and international beverage filling production line status

Perspective of domestic and international beverage filling production line status
Issue Time:2010-09-06

     In recent years, rapid development of the beverage industry, soft drinks, fruit juice, vegetable juice drinks, milk drinks, bottled water, tea drinks and other species continue to enrich the yield on the "gains across the board" made the demand on the equipment market was "bullish" .

     Foreign filling and sealing equipment to high-speed, multi-purpose, high-precision direction, now part of the filling line has been in glass bottles and plastic containers (PET bottles), carbonated drinks and non-carbonated beverages, hot fill and cold fill, etc. different requirements and environments. Carbonated beverage filling machine filling the current maximum speed reached 2000 cans / min, the German company H & K valves filling machine for filling as many as 165, SEN Corporation 144, Krones Inc. 178, filling machines ranging from 5 meters in diameter, filling Accuracy ± 0.5ml less.

     Non-carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50 to 100, filling speed of up to 1500 cans / min Tank filling speed of 20 ~ 25 r / min, speed increased by 1. Can tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk and juice drinks and other beverages hot filling, sealing of foreign drinks hot filling is not conducted after the second sterilization.

     Carbonated beverage filling has been brewing for 20 years at room temperature, room temperature carbonated drinks can reduce the cost, environmentally. Non-carbonated beverages pressurized nitrogen system or in liquid nitrogen drip aluminum cans or PET bottles way perfusion liquid nitrogen inert gas, can protect the contents, to reduce nutrient losses.

      Now commonly used PET bottled tea drinks hot filling method, in order to reduce the filling temperature, increase the flavor of tea drinks, to ensure health and safety products, has developed a PET resin molding 130 ℃ steam sterilization and the use of special filling head aseptic filling of the simple type packaging machine, while the ice is developing low-acid beverages such as coffee cans, two thin aseptic packaging technology to realize thin-walled tank of aseptic packaging.

      All-round development of the domestic filling line beverage filling equipment in China is basically the introduction of equipment and technology developed on the basis of the eighties, the introduction of various beverage filling production line more than 300 articles, including beer filling line more than 500 . Filling production line consists of the introduction of the following categories:

      Glass beverage filling line 80 to introduce 116's glass beverage filling line, mainly for carbonated beverages, which accounted for over 80 trade patterns are introduced from the Eastern European countries. Production line equipment unloading boxes machine, washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, gas and water mixer, packing machine. Online vacuum detector test equipment, liquid level detector, filling capabilities 150,200,300 ~ 400 bottles / min. The main producers of equipment from Germany SEN, H & K, O + H, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Simonazzi (Simonazzi), the United States and other Meyer.

       Light Factory in Guangdong in 1984 to introduce German companies and H & K SEN beer filling line manufacturing company, manufacturing 20 000 bottles per hour, bottled beer filling line, Nanjing, Hefei Light Factory Light Factory, and the introduction of Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, technology, manufacturing, each hours of 18 000 bottles of soft drinks filling lines. Others include Chongqing Light Factory 32 / 8 equipment, 14,000 bottles per hour, Langfang Packaging Equipment Corporation, 24 / 6 devices, 6000 ~ 8000 bottles per hour bottling line.

       Pop-top beverage filling line, "Eighth Five-Year" period, China imported cans beverage filling line 15, while the introduction of cans of beer filling line 14. Mainly Germany SEN, the United States Meyer's equipment, including the unloading tank machine, tank washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, temperature can machine, stacking machine and mixer, inkjet printer, film shrinking machine, liquid level detection detector. Filling capacity of 150,300,400,500 cans / min, maximum 575 cans / min. Light aircraft in Guangdong, Nanjing light machine, Hefei light machine have their own cans filling line.

      PET bottle filling production line imported polyester beverage bottle filling line 6 to 7, including the unloading boxes machine, washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, warm bottle machine, packing machine. Filling capacity of 400 ~ 500 bottles / min (250ml), 50 ~ 280 bottles / min (250ml). Major equipment manufacturers have the United States and Germany, Meyer SEN Corporation. Hefei Light machine using the German company Krones technology, manufacturing, beverage PET bottle filling line, the current light machine Hefei, Nanjing, light machine can manufacture bottles and polyester beverage bottle filling line of dual-use.

     Soft drink filling line in China has from Sweden, the United States, Germany, France and other countries the introduction of soft drinks bottling lines, including: Sweden, Tetra Pak aseptic packaging machine, "Eighth Five-Year" during the introduction of more than 40 are more than 160 across the country section, and in China, Beijing, Guangdong, Foshan, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province with composite board manufacturing line; American roof-shaped carton aseptic packaging machine (filling capacity of 4500 boxes / hour), France Gabriel package (filling capacity of 80 bags / min ), Germany, BOSCH, Japan and Japan, the Japanese manufacturer of stand-up pouches and printing beverage filling machines, carton forming zupack Germany - filling - sealing beverage hot filling line, Germany PKL, using pre-formed carton, including the open boxes, filling , sealing (filling capacity of 6300 boxes / hour). Over the first three for the aseptic filling, the latter three kinds of hot-filling, filling and sealing with spray cold water after cooling.

      Carbonated beverage filling line through the introduction and digestion and absorption, the level of China's beverage equipment has greatly improved, especially in 150 bottles (cans) / min filling capacity of the supply line can be basically complete. At present, Nanjing light aircraft, light aircraft and Guangdong Hefei light aircraft has been able to provide production capacity up to 600 bottles / min for glass bottles and 600 cans / min drink cans or beer filling production line, major equipment, including semi-automatic unloading stacking machine, punching machine can (Washing Machine), filling machine, sealing machine (capper, capping machine), temperature and tank machine (warm bottle machine), mixer, carton packaging machines and sterilization machine.

      Beverage filling production line of small and medium level is not high, poor sets, factories mainly in Langfang, Zhangjiagang, Jingjiang, Shanghai Fengxian Hu bridge, Haimen, Shenyang, Xinxiang, Henan, and Beijing, and most provide only bottle (wash cans), filling, and sealing (sealing) device. Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing companies, water treatment, refrigeration, glycosylated, batching plant and pipeline system formed group, the supply of beverage filling complete set of equipment. Bottled water production line includes red bottle, filling and sealing equipment and water treatment and disinfection equipment. Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing company, Zhangjiagang can complete the supply of U.S. magnitude.

     Juice beverage filling production line of small and medium non-carbonated beverages, including bottle filling line filling line and cans filling production line, production capacity of 40 200 bottles (cans) / min. Nectar filling them with low speed filling machine is Baodi packing plant products, in recent years by the piston quantitative filling machine manufacturers that have Ming Rui, Le Hui and Huang Yanfei cloud machine factory.

      Pop can filling production line factories throughout Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Shantou and other places, production capacity of 4,000 ~ 12,000 cans / min, the main provider of tank cleaning, filling, sealing equipment, complete sets of capacity-poor.

       In addition to the introduction of concentrated fruit juice equipment juice concentrate production line, the country has basic equipment capable of producing fruit juice concentrate. The first China-made fruit juice production line was born in late 1994, using the original factory in Shandong Po plain juice drinks company, was the main equipment is the Horizontal Decanter centrifuge and the falling film evaporator tube 3, the traditional way of producing fruit juice concentrate. Enrichment facilities in addition to tube falling film evaporator, there Lanzhou Petrochemical Equipment Engineering Corporation of plate evaporator, Although China has a small number of enterprises to provide complete sets of concentrated fruit juice equipment, but for beverages including juice clarification by ultrafiltration devices rely on imports. I believe in the near future there will be a high degree of automation equipment, domestic juice ultrafiltration come out.

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