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Dongtai Improvement of Design Ideas on Packing Machinery

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Dongtai Improvement of Design Ideas on Packing Machinery
Issue Time:2011-02-11

First, the design concept in advanced countries to learn from the experience of the needs of users for the design of the target, combined with flexible design, modular design concept, a machine, or replace a few parts and components to complete different functions, or to meet different product requirements.

With the development of science and technology and market competition, customer demand is increasing. This demand is reflected in the following aspects: First, improve production efficiency to meet delivery needs and reduce production costs for some products, but also requires packing machinery and production machinery of convergence; the second is to adapt to changes in product updates needs, packaging machinery to have high flexibility and agility; third is when the equipment fails, the request can be remote diagnostic services; fourth is conducive to environmental protection, noise, dust and waste less; Fifth, purchase of equipment investment in as little as possible , the price to as low as possible. Therefore, we must on the basis of market research to fully understand the careful analysis of the needs of users, should be completed to determine the function of packaging machines and various technical indicators to formulate the principles of the preliminary design. 

Modern packing machine design process should include: market research, user needs analysis, packaging machinery functions to determine, feasibility study, development of design, user-benefit analysis, program feasibility studies, schematic design, structural design, construction design , prototype production (Virtual Manufacturing), technical verification and construction plans to modify, develop service plans, and remote diagnostics solutions, improved design, series design. 

Market research is the basis for all packaging machinery design work. No market research, we do all the design work may be zero. Market research, based on policy guidance, industry supply and demand information, expert analysis, trade shows, seminars and other clues, find the information needs of users, and post and analyzed to determine the function of packaging machine should be completed. 

In principle the program design process, we must first fully understand the related information products, electronic products, features, understanding the performance of pneumatic components and to simplify the mechanical drive system, but also multi-motor drive to reduce the mechanical transmission chain. Essential for the mechanical transmission system, the design should make full use of modern means of analysis on the basis of product features, through innovative ideas, system modeling, dynamic analysis, dynamic optimization, and thus the best design. 

Technical design is the design of structural principles to determine the number of parts, shape, size, materials, and key parts of the main components in the dynamic calculation, power calculation, calculation of strength, stiffness calculation. 

The overall design, to fully consider the layout of the entire packing machine system, motor coordination, design, human - machine environment, and packing and transportation. Modular design is an advanced design method, which is the core idea of the system is divided into several modules according to the function, the packaging machine in the same function unit designed to have different performance, interchangeable modules, through different combinations of modules make packaging machine, serialization. Advantages of this approach are: (1) upgrading the packaging machine speed. Because the new models of alternative, often local improvement. Corresponding to the introduction of advanced technology, the module is relatively easy to achieve local improvements; (2) shorten the design cycle. When the user request, simply replace the module, or the design and manufacture of some modules, you can get new models to meet user needs; (3) reduce costs, ease of maintenance; (4) stable and reliable performance. Because the module design, the function of the packaging machines division and module design, the research carried out carefully to ensure that the performance of the module, such as: cam mechanism, servo, detection systems, transmission systems, control systems, metrology institutes, under the feeding mechanism and so on. 

Also packing machinery series, modular industry-standard, but also to the time of the formulation, packaging machinery has become one of the top ten machinery industry, while the series, modular industry standards will promote the cross-packaging machinery industry in China a new level. 

With the introduction of the concept of virtual, electronic technology, computer-aided design (CAD), three-dimensional graphic design (3D) and the simultaneous development of computer simulation design, used in the design of a new technology - virtual design, virtual manufacturing, about a variety of machine element data were computer stocks, the digitized drawings entered into the computer, the computer will automatically become a three-dimensional model. Then the actual production data and indicators lost in, to lose all possible failures in, the computer can be modeled on the real three-dimensional model of the work to operate, demonstrate the potential to reach a production capacity, waste volume, all aspects of matched lines conditions, production bottlenecks, and modify the model according to customer feedback, fast operation, until the satisfaction of clients and designers. 

Modern packing machinery should be designed to meet the "green design", that human design. It is a quality-oriented design, assembly design, manufacturing design, maintenance, design, reliability design of integrated design. China's large population, per capita consumption level lower than developed countries, and urban and rural areas are quite different packaging systems should be designed mainly to cheap, can not blindly pursue sophisticated. Taking into account the reliability, safety, environmental protection, low noise, and other aspects. Fully reflects the principles of optimization, structural optimization, manufacturing optimization, shape optimization.

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