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Better use of liquid filling machine

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Better use of liquid filling machine

Issue Time:2011-10-25
The case of filling in today's industry is developing rapidly, paste filling machine as food, cosmetic packaging equipment business to lock in the use of paste filling machines also need to understand the common sense paste filling machine, paste filling that is more conducive to use and maintenance of installed capacity.

First, the process of filling equipment for temperature control is very important material in the heat recovery process will be the case, heat will occur when the request reaches a certain temperature, the heating installation part of the implementation of response to adjustments to the delay for the heat, but Note that the material so as to avoid rapid temperature decrease, when the temperature is reduced to filling into the appropriate bottle, filling the bottle to guide meter and electronic flow meter temperature can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius, if the material is close to this temperature, these equipment will be damaged due to high temperature, if the temperature is reduced too quickly can also affect the accuracy of the device.

Second, the work environment is good or bad impact on equipment operation is also very large, if the work environment generally high, and the ventilation is not very good, this will also affect the liquid filling machine speed. Particularly evident in the winter, the surrounding humidity, the device sets the following tasks to install the electrical components will be under considerable threat, exhaust fans distribute the heat more so that these short-circuit damage electrical components. The most effective means of improving the working environment, another method is to move to the main components of dry air or hot air outlet of the fan plus one tube to the outside through the heat, increase the heat in the liquid filling machine around the distribution, reducing the environmental temperature, the temperature of the workshop is the best around at 30 degrees Celsius.

Third, when the device when you want to stop using a simple maintenance, especially for gears, springs, bearings and other lubricated parts, it does not affect the use until the next work, paste filling machine in use for some time them after cleaning, to ensure the quality of new filling materials. Sometimes filling bottle sizes will impact on the quality of the filling, for example, some manufacturers in order to save costs, the inappropriate conduct of the bottle into the filling line, if the bottle is large to the liquid filling machine bottle out of the dial will be stuck, affecting the efficiency of filling, if hour bottle, filling valve of the valve pin easy to run along the bottle will cause debris to enter the bottle, affecting the quality of filling.

To make proper use of filling machine filling machine longer, indirectly saving production costs, improve the enterprise's profit margins in the long run can create more business value, but also to respond to a portfolio of diversified energy advocated by environmental awareness .
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