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Healthy edible oil needs powerful filling machine

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Healthy edible oil needs powerful filling machine
Issue Time:2012-07-16
Healthy edible oil needs powerful filling machine
Cooking oil is the common necessities of the mass people at home, in the edible oil industry, is the peanut oil accounted for the largest proportion, because it is thousands of years, our people eating the longest time a cooking oil. However, with the subsequent production technology level, then: corn oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, tea seed oil. Consumer spending habits change, no longer dependent on a kind of edible oil, choosing instead to eat a variety of edible oil-for-experts also raised the food and absorption of many nutrients, and promote good health. Too need professional cooking oil edible oil filling machine for filling and sealing, in order to market the development of the domestic edible oil filling machine market is methodically toward an upward direction. The the Dongtai company is a professional R & D and production of edible oil filling machine large-scale manufacturing enterprises, Dongtai has been in people-oriented, and adhere to the independent innovation and R & D mode, operating in good faith brand filling machinery.
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