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The length of the device specifications and sports horizontal sealing packaging machinery

The length of the device specifications and sports horizontal sealing packaging machinery

Issue Time:2012-08-20
The length of the device specifications and sports horizontal sealing packaging machinery

   Transverse seal is a longitudinal sealing the tubular packaging material. Cross in accordance with the length of the process requirements of the specifications
To the sealing. In accordance with the movement in the form of the cross-sealing device can be divided into two forms of continuous motion and intermittent motion.
    I. continuous horizontal seal
    Transverse seal structure is generally more complex, and the horizontal seal mechanism should be applied on a continuous bag-making packaging machineMeet the following process requirements.
     transverse seal sealing with continuous motion packaging Liaodai heat sealing instantaneous should be the same line speed.
Otherwise, heat sealing may cause sealing parts of the wrinkling, excessive stretching or even breaking.
     bag length change in the specifications. Heat sealing the same radius of gyration of the cross-sealing device, adjust the parts.
Line speed to get the required heat sealing. This require horizontal sealing work using non-constant velocity rotation mechanism driven. Bags The hungry commonly eccentric sprocket and turn the leader mechanism for horizontal sealing is not constant velocity rotary mechanism. Intermittent horizontal sealing
    (A) Operative
    Vertical intermittent bag-making packaging machine horizontal seal mechanism according to the function and form of exercise can be divided into two categories, one only for Seal with only intermittent reciprocating motion, the other for heat sealing. Traction Bag, top-downMovement. Therefore tend to make open together up and down movement together with the fit in, obviously the latter structure is more complex.
   (2) horizontal sealing structure
   Heat sealing method for intermittent bag-making packaging machine horizontal seal on the pulse, hot plate, fuse and high-frequency type, according to the selection of different packaging materials, heat sealing body are platy.
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