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Aseptic cold filling and hot filling product quality

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Aseptic cold filling and hot filling product quality

Issue Time:2013-01-21
Aseptic cold filling and hot filling product quality

        Using mechanization filling - filling machine can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product loss
Ensure the quality of the packaging, and can reduce the cross-contamination of the production environment and the materials were loaded, the filling methods
Hot filling and aseptic cold filling, the following brief under the hot filling and aseptic cold filling its product quality
        Traditional hot filling can be divided into two, one is the high-temperature hot-filling, one is the temperature after filling
And then heated to 65 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ pasteurization. These two ways without products, bottles and the lid
Sub separate sterilization, simply the product was maintained at a high temperature for long enough time to the bottle and cap.
Line sterilization. Aseptic cold filling first need products, bottles, lids for sterilization, then sterile
Environment filling until completely sealed to leave the sterile environment.
In addition, from the production line configuration, When filling machine failure downtime when using hot-fill processing
Material part of the return will be extended heating time, this will seriously affect the quality of the entire batch of products, without
Bacterial cold filling does not have this phenomenon, the material after instantaneous sterilization has dropped to room temperature and placed in sterile cans
Will not affect its quality.
        Aseptic cold filling technology complex process requirements, the product also has a certain amount of risk, but its production
Products in the beverage nutrition and fresh, with the incomparable advantage of the hot filling, in the future market development
Has a very broad prospect. With modern filling technology is maturing, aseptic cold filling will gradually replace
Hot filling to become the predominant mode of beverage packaging.
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