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Performance Advantages of Filling Machine

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Performance Advantages of Filling Machine
Issue Time:2014-01-04

Performance Advantages of Filling Machine

  With thenew development of society, filling machine get more and more developmentchance. This kind of condition made it to be a higher quality fillingproduction auxiliary equipment. Nowadays, filling machine is one of indispensableoil filling production equipment.

So where are theseperformance advantages of cooking oil filling machine?


1. Control system---- PLC control system

2. Control panel---- Colortouching screen, easy-operated, stable and reliable

3. Functionimprovement----The feeding nozzle is equipped with filling blocker. This fillingmachine can realize diving filling according to the material properties

4. This function can beselected about this kind of filling machine and it can be customized accordingthe demands.

5. Real-timealarm----Automatic alarming when the fault happens. This filling machine can stopand alarms when the system appears serious breakdown in danger.

6. Counting detection----Real-time counting, reflecting the output directly.

7. Maintenancecondition----Fully accords to the GMP requirements, easy todisassemble and clean

8. Most parts of cookingoil filling machine is made of stainless steel materials.


To sum up, these advantagesof filling machine is really better. The development of XunJiefilling machine would be better.

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