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How many filling methods do you know about this edible oil filling machine?

How many filling methods do you know about this edible oil filling machine?

Issue Time:2018-12-26

This semi-automatic edible oil filling machine is on the basis of the original electric BSB filling machine, the latest version of the upgrade, not only increase the volume of filling, full power filling speed has been increased by one time, semi-automatic edible oil filling machine structure compact reasonable, simple operation, high quantitative precision, filling speed. Using double speed filling, first fast and then slow, fully solve the overflow phenomenon at the end of filling. The filling nozzle adopts the unique head design to effectively prevent residual oil dripping. Semi-automatic edible oil filling machine is mainly used for lubricating oil soybean oil, peanut oil, blending oil, olive oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil detergent hand sanitizer and other viscosity liquid filling.

Filling method of filling machine:

(1) atmospheric pressure method

Atmospheric pressure method is also called pure gravity method, that is, under atmospheric pressure, liquid material flow into the packaging container by self-weight. Most of the free flowing non-gas-liquid materials can be filled by this method, such as white wine, fruit wine, milk, soy sauce, vinegar and so on.

(2) isobaric method

Isobaric method is also known as pressure gravity filling method, that is, under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure, the packaging container is first inflated, so that it forms the same pressure as the liquid storage tank, and then rely on the self-weight of the filling liquid into the packaging container. This method is generally used for filling aerated beverages, such as beer, soda, sparkling wine, etc. This method can reduce the loss of CO2 in this kind of products and prevent excessive foaming during the filling process, which will affect the quality and quantitative accuracy of the products.

(3) vacuum method

Vacuum filling is carried out under the condition of lower than atmospheric pressure in two ways:

A) differential pressure vacuum type

That is to say, the liquid storage tank is under normal pressure, and only the packaging container is pumped to form a vacuum. The liquid material flows by the pressure difference between the liquid storage tank and the container to be filled. This method is more commonly used in China.

B) gravity vacuum type

That is, the liquid storage tank is in a vacuum. The packaging container first draws air to form a vacuum equal to that in the liquid storage tank, and then the liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight. Due to its complex structure, it is rarely used in China. Vacuum filling is widely used, it is suitable for filling slightly viscosity liquid materials, such as oil, syrup and so on. It is also suitable for filling liquid materials containing vitamins, such as vegetable juice and fruit juice, etc. The vacuum in the bottle means that the contact between liquid materials and air is reduced and the shelf life of products is prolonged. The vacuum method is also applicable to filling toxic materials, such as nongyao, etc., to reduce the overflow of toxic gases and improve the working conditions.

(4) pressure method

Using mechanical pressure or air pressure, the filling material will be squeezed into the packaging container, this method is mainly used for filling viscosity of thick materials, such as ketchup, minced meat, toothpaste, balsamic oil, etc.. Sometimes, it can also be used for filling soft drinks such as soft drinks. At this time, the air pressure of soft drinks is directly poured into the bottle without aeration and isobaric pressure, which improves the filling speed. The foam formed is easy to disappear because there is no colloid in the soft drinks, and it has certain influence on the filling quality.

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