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The hot pot industry is "rich and oily"? Hot pot bottom material packaging machine and technological innovation to achieve the goal!


    The hot pot industry is "rich and oily"? Hot pot bottom material packaging machine and technological innovation to achieve the goal!

    Dec 25,2021
    In today's market, all kinds of products continue to appear, and all kinds of products are selling well in the market with their unique packaging. And all kinds of products also have suitable packaging equipment products, and then various high-tech elements are introduced into this fast-growing market, so that the products look more impressive to customers, and thus have better sales. In winter, our favorite food is of course hot pot, so all kinds of hot pot bottoms are beginning to appear in the market. The hot pot bottom material packaging machine also has more differences due to the different market needs. There are products that specially package the bottom materials such as red oil hot pot and clear soup hot pot, and there are also products specifically for tomato hot pot, mushroom soup hot pot, sheep scorpion hot pot, etc. This kind of hot pot bottom material product packaging machinery and equipment, and then make the hot pot bottom material packaging machine better appear in the market.
    1. Anti-drip filling head: It is made of 316L stainless steel, specially designed for sauce filling, with good pass-through shape and fine polishing inside and outside.
    2. Stainless steel three-way rotary valve: different selections for different materials, high efficiency.
    3. Super large 304 stainless steel mixing hopper: 200L super large 304 stainless steel mixing hopper, special design with enlarged stainless steel hopper blades.
    4. High-power mixing motor: For sauces with large particles, layered sauces with oil sauce, stir more evenly to ensure filling accuracy.
    5. Electronic control module: electronic control module, all controls are controlled by software programming, which is easy to maintain.
    6. Chinese and English bilingual touch screen control: The man-machine interface controls the parameters of the whole machine through an intelligent system, and adjusts the operation of the whole machine.
    7. Heightened stainless steel body: The overall height of the body is more convenient for operation. The food 304 stainless steel body meets food hygiene standards.
    8. Airtac pneumatic components: quality is guaranteed.
    And the customer's demand determines the rate of progress of the hot pot bottom material packaging machine in the market, and then follows the progress of the market to have a more suitable manufacturing. Caring for the improvement of our own ability brings more suitable talents in the progress of the market, caring about the needs of the industry and clarifying our own development direction and goals, so that we can always move forward, and gain market motivation and application, and then we can be in the market. Better progress.
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