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PTFM fully automatic diving type piston oil filling machine

PTFM fully automatic diving type piston oil filling machine

PTFM fully automatic diving type piston oil filling machine
Categoriesautomatic oil filling machine
Materialstainless steel
Typeolive oil filling machinery , it can be assembly
Filling Capacity2-50ml 10-150ml 30-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml
Filling Speed500-2200b/h
Filling accuracy< ± 1%
Power source220V/380V
Update TimeJun 14,2024
Detail Information


The Machine is a kind of fully automatic diving type piston filling machinery equipment, it mainly used for filling packaging various oil type products. so this bottled olive oil is very suitable, certainly it can be also widely used in a variety of bottled liquids (1-6L), such as lubricating oil, cooking oil and edible oil, vegetable oil, other viscous or non-viscous liquid quantitative filling. 


1. The  Oil Filling Machine is automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, suitable for filling all kinds of oils, such as lubricating oil, edible oil filling.
2. The model of automatic olive oil filling machine is equipped with touch-screen,8 meters Frequency belt, auto-sensing-based sealer, vacuum anti-drip device and other many import parts, etc.
3. The High Performance-cost Ratio Olive Oil Filling Machine has a beautiful shape, a high filling precision, convenient adjustment and easy to operate etc.
4. The oil filling machine owned man-machine interface, directly set the filling volume;
5. The oil filling machine is adopted PLC program control, inverter adjust the speed ,filling in line;
6. High-precision positive displacement flowmeters, quantitative accurate and reliable;
7. Mechanical seals plus vacuum suck back mack a double anti-drip;
8. it stop automatically when some troubles occures, more reliable.

Technical Parameters

stainless steel
olive oil filling machinery , it can be assembly
Filling Capacity
2-50ml 10-150ml 30-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml
Filling Speed
Filling accuracy
< ± 1%
Power source
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