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cartoning sealing machine

cartoning sealing machine

cartoning sealing machine
cartoning sealing machinecartoning sealing machinecartoning sealing machinecartoning sealing machinecartoning sealing machine
Categoriesbox sealing machine
Voltage220v 50/60HZ
carton sizeL200-600*W150-500mm*H150-500mm
Sealing speed15-20 b/min
Tape width48mm/60mm/72mm
Air source6-7kg
Machine weight250kg
Machine sizeL1770 * W850 * H1500mm
Update TimeApr 14,2024
Detail Information

Product introduce:

Mainly suitable for the sealing and packing of cartons, can be stand-alone operations, and

may also support the use of pipelining, widely used in household appliances, textile, food,

department stores, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Sealing machine adopts

adhesive tape carton sealing, seal with high precision, rapid economic, easy to adjust.

Once completed on the sealing action, the tape on the neutral, tidy and beautiful. The

printing tape, can improve the image of the product. The rapid economic, easy adjustment,

sealing formation, specification, appearance, complete the sealing box. The homework at

the same time can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of cartons.

Technical parameter:

Voltage220v 50/60HZ
Carton sizeL200-600*W150-500mm*H150-500mm
Sealing speed15-20 b/min
Tape width48mm/60mm/72mm
Air source6-7kg
Machine weight
Machine sizeL1770 * W850 * H1500mm

Product features:

(1) imported parts with good quality: this sealing machine is made by international

advanced technology, and imports spare parts, electrical parts and pneumatic components

(2) unique and beautiful appearance design: the folding cover sealing machine main color

is white, can also according to customer demand, the allocation of appropriate machine

color for the production line; the light volume, pulley complement, displacement of flexible,

more convenient installation and debugging.

(3) a powerful optimization according to carton specifications, manually adjust the width

and height; the both sides of the belt drive, 75MM wide belt, to ensure smooth delivery;

automatic folding cover, without manual operation; single operation, supporting the use of

automated packaging line will better reflect the value of

(4) industry-leading performance: the sealing cover folding performance sealing machine

is stable, quality and reliable sealing, high efficiency, strong applicability, long service life;

the automatic folding box cover, automatic stick tape, smooth, sealing effect, beautiful;

(5) safety protection design: the precision mechanical properties and durability, strict

structural design, no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation; the loading

blade protection device, avoid damaging the accidental operation, safe production,

efficient package

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