Automatic sauce liquid packing machine

Automatic sauce liquid packing machine
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Metering mathodPlunger pump metering
Filling range20-100ml (customizable)
Packing speed40-60bags/min
Bag sizelength60-180mm, width50-120mm(customizable)
Voltage380V /220V(customizable)
Machine size650*750*1588mm
Update Time2021-04-15
Detail Information

Technical parameter:

Metering method

Plunger pump metering

Filling range

20-100ml (customizable)

Packing speed


Bag size

length60-180mm, width50-120mm(customizable)




380V /220V(customizable)



Machine size


Product introduce:

This machine has the function of bag-making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting. It  can

automatically complete all the packaging procedures at one time, thus saving labor cost.

The driving control core of this machine consists of imported PLC, sensor, variable

frequency speed control system and display screen, which improves the control precision,

reliability and intelligence of the packaging machine.Suitable packing materials: honey,

jam, peanut butter, tomato sauce, seasoning, cream, shower gel, hair lotion, cosmetics,

liquid, jelly bar, honey, seasoning, washing daily necessities, liquid fertilizer and other

semi-fluid materials.

You can choose from a variety of bag specifications:

1. Roll film width is 10cm, packaging finished product width is 5cm, and the length is adjustable from 0 to 16cm

2. Roll film width of 12cm, packaging finished product width of 6cm, length of 0-16cm adjustable

3. Roll film width 12.5cm, packaging finished product width 5.25cm, length 0-16cm adjustable

4. Roll film width of 14cm, packaging finished product width of 7cm, length of 0-16cm adjustable

5. Roll film width of 15cm, packaging finished product width of 7.5cm, length of 0-16cm adjustable

6. Roll film width is 16cm, packaging finished product width is 8cm, and the length is adjustable from 0 to 16cm

7. Roll film width is 17cm, packaging finished product width is 8.5cm, and the length is adjustable from 0 to 16cm

8. Roll film width of 18cm, packaging finished product width of 9cm, length of 0-16cm adjustable

9. Roll film width of 20cm, packaging finished product width of 10cm, length of 0-16cm adjustable

 Note: if you need other size can also be customized according to your needs!

The width of the bag can only be fixed, the length can be adjusted

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