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Automatic alcohol hand sanitizer bottle gel filling and capping machine cheap

Automatic alcohol hand sanitizer bottle gel filling and capping machine cheap

Automatic alcohol hand sanitizer bottle gel filling and capping machine cheap
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Update TimeJul 14,2024
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Automatic alcohol hand sanitizer bottle gel filling and capping machine cheap

hand sanitizer filling machine---product introduce

The automatic 12 heads servo plunger filling machine is a new filling machine carefully designed by our company.The servo plunger filling machine is automatically controlled by PLC and touch screen,it has accurate measurement,advanced structure,stable operation,low noise and adjustment large range,fast speed and other advantages.Moreover,it is suitable for liquids that are volatile,crystallizable,and foamable,high corrosive liquids,high viscosity liquids and semi-fluids.The human-computer interface digitally adjusts the metering.The touch screen can be reached with one touch,and the single head fine tuning can be adjusted.

hand sanitizer gel filling machine---technical parameter

suitable for bottle size
filling speed
filling range
380/220V ,50\60Hz
air source/consumption
0.5-0.8MPa clean dry air;200L/min
machine size
Detailed Images
automatic hand sanitizer filling machine
1.The patented design and vacuum suction system ensure that there is no dripping during the filling process and will not
contaminate the conveyor chain plate and bottle body,the filling head and cylinder adopt a split mechanism,which can be
disassembled separately,and there will be no liquid leakage and damage to the cylinder,the imported Air Tac cylinder is
durable,and other sales and other accessoires use standard parts,which is easy to replace and maintain.

2.The whole machine adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel frame,and the parts in contact of material are made of 316L stainless steel,which has good anti-corrosion effect,all adopt hygienic pipelines,and all connection parts adopt quick connect interface.

3.Using submerged filling,filling is about 5-8mm width the mouth of the barrel,the patented design of the feeding port avoids the phenomenon of small oil beads splashing and polluting the mouth of the bottle when the filling speed is fast.Combined with multi-stage fast and slow filling,it can guarantee full-speed filling during high-speed filling,and can effectively solve the phenomenon of foam overflowing during high-pressure filling.The frequency conversion control is more accurate,the self-protection is safer,stable,extend equipment life.

4.The combination of electrical and supporting components are well-know brands at home and abroad.Imported components are directly supplied by the brand's domestic first-level agents.The brand guarantees quality and ensure stable and reliable operation of the whole machine.

5.one-click cleaning,the piston ring in the cylinder is pulled to the take off cylinder groove,so that the residual material in the cylinder and the material box flows into the sump in order to facilitate cleaning and replacement of materials.
hand sanitizer bottle filling machine
6.The filling machine can store more than 20 groups of formula parameters,when customer fill materials of different specifications and different densities,the parameters can be preset and stored,and one key switch when using,the operation more simple and convenient,and at that time,the technical ability requirements of the operator are reduced.
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