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Three Development Trends of Packing Machinery Industry in China

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Three Development Trends of Packing Machinery Industry in China
Issue Time:2009-11-27

Three Development Trends of Packing Machinery Industry in China

With the development of society and technology, the increase of huamn's demand is instantly improved. So the packing machinery industry has a big change in china. Now the development of packing machinery industry has three development trends in china.

At first, the technical content of packing machinery is increasing. Secondly, more and more packing machinery entrepreneurs begin to play monopolization for the development of packing machinery. This monopolization trend is increasing.  Thirdly, most production parts of packaging machinery is turning into this production specialization.

So, we should work harder under this trend, reduce the significant gaps in know-how and experience.  In the feature, I believed we can do that. The development of our packing machine would be better in future.

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