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Analysis of Domestic Candy Packing

Analysis of Domestic Candy Packing
Issue Time:2010-05-04

     Candy, chocolate packing has three main effects, one should gloss protection products, fragrance, shape and prolong shelf life; second, preventing microorganisms and dust pollution, improve health and safety of products; third is fine packing can improve consumer desire to buy and commodity value.
     Currently, the domestic candy, chocolate packing mainly kink-style packaging, pillow type packing, folding packing. Kink-style packing is the oldest form of packing, such packing are used for candy, not only through high-speed, automated packing machine to complete, can also be completed manually; pillow packing in the international popular in 70s last century, China from the 80's became popular. Pillow packing machine as more popular, now the majority of candies, chocolate manufacturers are using pillow packing. The folding packing, and more for chocolate products, candies made of suitable paper bag, article bags, combined loading, such packaging material packing equipment and packaging requirements are higher. China's candy, chocolate packing level and there is a large gap between developed countries, the main problem is the low level of packaging equipment, packing materials, types of small, high quality packaging. To narrow this gap, only to go the way of technological innovation, so the domestic candy, chocolate packing should be toward the high-speed automated packing machine, a machine more versatile and packing design characteristics of direction.
    In recent years, the domestic candy technical experts in the introduction of cooperative, autonomous original achieved gratifying results, in the confectionery equipment, has launched inflatable candy production line, automatic line gel candy, super-thin film vacuum instantaneous boiling down unit, cotton candy production lines; packing machine with a single kink packaging machine, folding packing machine, high speed pillow charter flights. Chocolate chocolate equipment with multi-color casting line, automatic line of composite products chocolate, chocolate extrusion line, mill and other fine chocolate fast.
    Development of multi-function devices are an important new trend, because the candy varieties of patterns and more rapid updates, the manufacturer of the equipment requirements are versatile, adaptable. If the newly developed compound chocolate products on a production line of automatic candy, chocolate and compound coatings multifunction products. The whole production line can produce a variety of different sugar cores and laminated composite of high-quality chocolate, such as forming only part of the front, capable of producing nougat, toffee, Switzerland, sugar, candy and other rectangular varieties, such as coating using back-end part, can adapt to a variety of products surface coating requirements.
     In addition, new packing machine equipment is mostly used servo motors, optical tracking technology, greatly improved its ability to control. Composite products such as chocolate automatic line, line of about 20 units by the constitution, due to different technological requirements of different species, not only to adjust the unit itself is the problem, even during the running speed of coordination between units, the unit uses a The total inverter to control the unit's speed converter.
      Candy, chocolate makers in the standardization of product packaging, generally requires high-speed, automated packing machine, to the pursuit of economies of scale packaging cost optimization. Therefore, in recent years, manufacturers of packing machines developed different types of products suitable for high-speed, automatic candy, chocolate packaging machine, such as traditional pillow packaging and products are suitable for double-kink kink used in packaging machines. In such packaging machine manufacturers use the latest technologies such as servo motors, optical tracking, high-speed camera, in order to achieve the packaging machine performance, there are already packages per minute, high-speed 1500 ~ 2000 Pillow hard candy packaging machine. High-speed pillow packing machine chocolate should be more cold air from the equipment and development of packaging films to match so as to achieve high speed without affecting the intrinsic quality of chocolate products. In addition, with the chocolate packaging machine conveyor belt connected to the automatic shift, sorting, emergency stop, speed is also widely used. Second, for non-standard or seasonal products, flexible packaging machine should be designed, lightweight and compact. The type of equipment is not the pursuit of speed, but rather to seek personalized packaging and flexibility. In addition, the distinctive packaging design also meets the needs of commodity competition, innovation, people visual impact effects, such as bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market, Becase of packing enhancement and improvement for young people, were followed by the consumption psychology, products sell well.
     In short, candy, chocolate packing should be determined with the market, packaging technology should be determined with the product characteristics.
If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then the packaging should attractive, high-end design, such as paper, wood or metal boxes are the last election. For mass consumer products, packaging should be relatively simple, such as pillow bags favor packaging on the popular business in the form of a simple, mature technology, packaging, efficient and inexpensive. In addition, some products used in packing technology also depends on the characteristics of the product itself. Chocolate products such as high temperatures cause precipitation of fat affect the quality and appearance of chocolate, therefore package Pillow bags commonly used cold seal technology.
     At present, the outer forms of candy bags and vertical mainly Pillow Bag (chocolate more), with which, in addition to Cadbury use vertical bag automatic packaging equipment, Spain Bosa, other candy companies, such as Nestle, good, Jindi are all used to conduct pre-bags packed by hand.

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