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Labeling Machine China Past, Present and international status

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Labeling Machine China Past, Present and international status

Issue Time:2010-10-14

Traditional wine labels are usually Bu Wenzhi or coated paper, labeling with cold glue adhesive paste method. As in the process of cold glue out of viscosity, flow and other parameters of the adjustment, will join a high proportion of water. However, neither Bu Wenzhi or coated paper is a very good absorbent material, adhesive label paper will be marked after the inhalation of glue in the water, and easy to wrinkle. At the same time in the cold glue labeling machine labeling process because of its working principle of the decision, to go through the adhesive, sticky standard, to take such intermediate links marked. So that the coating process on the back of the board open to some small slots in the slot marked at non-adhesive paper, label paper arising from the uneven water will produce uneven sizing wrinkle. If the tag is not too thick or the viscosity of the glue, sticker posted in the bottle is not strong, the phenomenon also occurs while Alice. Now most of the enterprises in order to address this issue more paper wrapped artificial means, but this method is time consuming and production costs and inefficient work.

Some wine companies in order to solve this problem, while improving their quality of wine products, the introduction of the sticker paper. It looks beautiful, clean and generous labeling, highlights the nobility of products after posted. Most of the foreign wine products as early as 10 years ago to use more stickers labeling. However, if the use of hand-labeling stickers, the operator is difficult to paste up is positive, such as errors, then the viscosity of the adhesive label paper is very large, not only torn off standard peerless, and the adhesion to the bottle Standard paper is difficult to clean up, not to mention up production efficiency.

In this case, quit for the labeling machine wine industry was born. This principle is the labeling machine labels in the labeling process is directly stripped down from the standard volume and paste into the bottle, save the cold-glue labeling machine in the labeling standard paper when the transfer of intermediate links, before and after the target gauge error decreases, the accuracy greatly improved.

To meet the different production, different labeling requirements of the demand for wine producers, the characteristics for the wine industry, the new sticker labeling machine was born. Here are two models were linear and rotary type sticker sticker labeling machine.

Linear labeling machine Labeling speed is generally 1500-2000 bottles / hour, to meet some of the smaller wine production users. The Source: winechina.com models in the production process is not required to replace the bottle replacement parts, as long as the replacement of standard paper, slightly adjust the labeling parameters to change it into production, simple operation.

Rotary-type adhesive labeling machine is suitable for very wide range of bottles, different models to meet the labeling rate of 3000-15000 bottles / hour. Tooling through the replacement of lead can be attached to bottles of various shapes (round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, tapered bottles) bottle.

Labeling the two models have the following technical characteristics of machines:

Part of the self-adhesive sticker labeling machine stops the heart. Part of our company is our standard station with Italian companies, using the Italian technology design. Pull the paper drive more accurate, stable, and put the tray smooth transmission, delivery part of the clutch structure is novel and practical.

Standard station driven by stepper drive, the standard stable, high accuracy.

Mitsubishi PLC control section with the touch screen to control the stepper drive parameter modification, all the labeling parameters can be modified to complete the setup on the touch screen to modify, without mechanical adjustments. Simple and quick. For toting wine to use more standard way of labeling and regulation of the production speed of regular features in the standard from the regulation and control is not commonly used in time control manufacturers, instead of using the encoder count control. Changes in the device speed is not like the time when the gauge control that change. Labeling accuracy is very high, 0.5mm gauge within the scope of regulation can be adjusted. Labeling accuracy and symmetry in the same industry standard machine in the forefront.

Rotary sticker labeling machine can also be achieved by increasing the number of annexes to locate labeling, the bottle labeled products can also be automatically labeling, positioning with high accuracy.

Sticker paper introduced in the wine industry and the advent of self-adhesive labeling machines to solve the labeling of traditional cold glue label paper while Alice is not neat and wrinkle problems. The majority of wine users in the country continue to improve their internal quality wine products at the same time, the aesthetics of wine packaging increases. As people's living standards improve and raise the level of wine appreciation, self-adhesive label will be popularized, and the wine industry for the future to add a beautiful landscape.

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