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Food packaging machinery industry problems Comments

Food packaging machinery industry problems Comments

Issue Time:2010-08-14

China's food packing machine/ machinery industry in recent years, the achievements are significant packing design, but compared with foreign products still 20 years of technology gap. Some of our existing technical content is not high on packing machine, and senior foreign Yiqiang many progressive technology in packaging machinery, such as long-distance remote control technology (including monitoring), stepper motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology , information processing technology. Most of the main stand-alone domestic production, while mostly supporting production abroad, very few stand-alone sales. Reliability poor packaging machinery, technology updates is slow, new technologies, new processes, new materials, applications less. China's food and packaging machinery more with a single, complete set of less common models and more satisfied with special requirements, special materials, equipment less. More than low-technology products, high-tech value-added, high-productivity products less; intelligent device is still in development stage. Food Packing Machine in China the quality gap between the mainly poor in stability and reliability, modeling and backward, the appearance of rough, basic parts and accessories short life of trouble-free running time is short overhaul period is short tags, and the vast majority of product has not yet development of reliability standards. At present, China's food and packing machine only 5% to abroad, the level of the last century 90's, 80's level of 20%, 60% to reach the level of foreign 70s. Compared with the industrialized countries, the Chinese food packing machine variety less 30% -40%, 20-30 years behind the technical level. Book Printing

Food packaging machinery industry, despite the low level of duplication is the development of the industry demands Esko, repeat those low cost of production, backward technology level, easy-to-manufacture of machinery phenomenon. At present, food and packaging machinery market is flooded with low cost, relatively backward technology level, easy to manufacture mechanical products. Such a market environment can not be improved if long-term, will not help the industry to upgrade the product. Specific and accurate data is still not, the industry currently has about 1 / 4 of the phenomenon of corporate existence of low-level repetitive production, about 1,000 enterprises in the low-level repetitive. Digital Printing

More than 100; process simple coding machine is still polishing enterprises in the production of hot coding machine production has already been canceled by the state; using electric heating of pancakes machine has a very original, but still a lot of manufacturers; fried donut machine Despite the oil filter and oil change the title subject, but also in rural and small town market, there are still manufacturers in the production; filling, capping Jixie also there are still some of the production of primary products; relatively junior in Ya Face machine production also continued. Produce low-level repetitive phenomenon because of the following areas: low level is not high technology content products, manufacturing process is simple and Esko, the required investment costs are low; research and innovation capability of enterprises serious shortage of replacement is too slow; business their newly developed product patent protection does not apply in time. This low level of duplication if unchecked, will cause a low level, low-end products continue to be produced, causing great waste of resources; the same time a large number of such products flooding the market, excess supply companies, resulting in mechanical market turmoil to lack of effective legal protection of intellectual property rights and hinder the industry products and the continual upgrading and innovation and, ultimately, socio-economic progress.

Chinese food packaging machinery mainly imitation, mapping, localization improved a little printing press, not to mention research and development. Domestic research and development into less technical input required to account for 3% of sales revenue, but most companies can not. Our development of backward, is now better businesses to develop a "rejection Plate Project", but the real use of CAD, yet very few. Lack of innovative product development, inkjet, hard on the level. Backward means of production, most still use the old common device processing. Only a small number of new product development, and long development cycle. The management of enterprises, often re-production and processing, light research and development, innovation is not enough, can not keep up with market demand to provide timely products. Most of the technical personnel of enterprises the proportion of the total workforce up to less than 10%. Only a few companies can achieve more than 50 million yuan annual output value of the scale. Variable data printing

Lack of food packing machinery industry awareness of IP network publishing, and self-developed new product patent protection does not apply in time.

Let the market soon, other companies soon imitated them, and the same equipment products in the short time while thousands of companies to market, to the last or even impossible to find who is the developer of the device product; or developer if to investigate the responsibility of other generic manufacturers, but also the absence of IP protection for the final had to let the matter rest.

Food Packing Machine in China is too slow replacement of security printing, completely miss a low rate of production outside the square to repeat. Lot of companies are busy expanding the market for existing products. Busy imitation and copying other people's equipment products, with no thought on how to upgrade machinery, how to implement technological innovation.

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