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Analysis of the status of dairy packaging machinery market

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Analysis of the status of dairy packaging machinery market

Issue Time:2010-12-06

At present, the majority of dairy packaging business for the low level used in many conventional equipment, and have the capability of independent innovation capacity and R & D one of the few manufacturers of machinery, in which fast mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinan Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. R & D technology is the leading small businesses.

Yogurt packaging machine in the form of new and more

In the increasingly fierce market competition, good yogurt packaging will bring good share of sales, so packaging technology has also been improvement and innovation, and constantly adapt to the development of dairy industry and customer demand.

To reduce operating and production costs, the packaging is a big bottle for the pre-innovation, forming tools using different methods produce different bottles, yogurt or sweets on the same plastic cup packing machine, you can just change the bottle forming tools , multi-purpose molding - filling - sealing packaging technology not only save investment, but also to create high returns.

Thinking dairy packaging machinery

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's dairy industry, the dairy manufacturers have intensified competition, which also will bring the associated processing and packaging machinery industry. Homogenization of the industrial structure of the domestic dairy industry competition serious attention was focused on milk competition, market and technology upgrades to seize several aspects, with the exception of the few dairy giant, most of the milk prices are looking forward to their limited resource advantages into economic benefits for the market, an effective way to find the survival and development.

Due to limited funding, they want to change the current "limited technical conditions" of the dairy development of the "bottleneck", you need to select cost-effective quality, and reasonable operating costs, dairy processing and packaging machinery, as foreign products more expensive, they put more hopes on the relatively cheap price of domestic dairy processing and packaging machinery. Current domestic dairy packaging machinery, although the common technical terms and conventional equipment has become more perfect system, but in the key technologies and key equipment is still unsatisfactory.

Booming in China dairy industry environment, we are all in the milk and the market and industry around the various arguments, people have been ignored in this packaging machinery industry chain in the technology an integral part of development. At present, China's dairy packaging machinery industry of the following number of contradictions: a low level of primary products, high-end products with the safety requirements of the contradictions of milk is a highly time-sensitive foods, in processing and packaging process must ensure the end product microbial indicators have reached the food safety requirements. China's fresh milk indicators of microbial indicators in developed countries than there is a considerable gap.

This requires the processing of milk, processing and packaging equipment used in the technical performance of the protection of the safety of the end product has a higher demand. Processing and packaging process from each process, from the excellent technical equipment should be guaranteed on the state. By the process equipment and technology will likely impact of reducing to a minimum. However, the dairy industry in order to make their own product differentiation advantage for the market, to raw milk to artificially thickening, flavoring treatment, changed the original processing of raw materials, thus exacerbating the associated processing and packaging equipment technical responsibility.

Only by improving the health and safety equipment, the consistency and continuity in order to deal with this process of change in the original materials. Industry specific requirements and complex technical personnel missing in conflicts in the dairy processing and packaging equipment, UHT and aseptic technique in a high technical level, is a comprehensive technical disciplines related to the outcome, is also the need to break the key technology and equipment . Dairy processing and packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements; from a technical level, the pharmaceutical manufacturer should have chemical and biological manufacturing equipment, dairy processing technology division of the experience, the ability to automate integration technology and total quality control means the overall quality.

To break through key technical, in addition to the need for adequate R & D funding support, is more important is the ability to digest and absorb foreign advanced technologies related to breakthrough innovation and integration Blending means to enhance the overall performance of the high equipment reliability and high security. This requires a technology integration and innovation with high-quality compound talents. As the industry's history and the reasons for the capital structure, the extreme lack of high-quality personnel has become an indisputable fact, but also as a constraint to industry technical standards development bottleneck.

Development of the industry pattern of conflict and macro-oriented dairy lack the particularity of the packaging machinery industry in: technology span wide, comprehensive, market development space and so on. But the industry capital structure is relatively simple, more scattered pattern, block among enterprises, technical monopoly, behind closed doors is more serious. The technical level, and more common for the low level of production of conventional equipment, a serious shortage of high-quality talent, with the ability of independent innovation and R & D one of the few manufacturers. Industry belong to several trade associations overall guidance, policies from different departments to form a non-specific macro-oriented, and no development of supporting policies, much less the technical specifications supervision of the "three non-industry", severely restricted the overall technical level, greatly lag behind the dairy industry.

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