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Installation Notes of Shrinking Machine

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Installation Notes of Shrinking Machine

Issue Time:2011-12-27

    With improved quality of life, people look for products, packaging and had a great interest in most of the products sold are now packaged good or bad, so on the packaging in the product cost a lot of effort, in order to improve the sales of the product, it shows the appearance of the product, shrinking machine has become a business essential for packaging machinery, shrink packaging machine in the installation should pay special attention to the following points:

    1. the heat shrinking packaging machine and the same winding machine for large power consumption, so the input power supply must be greater than the nominal nameplate shrink machine power, or easily burn lines or electrical components.

    2. the same as the baler machine must be grounded to protect the personal safety.

    3. each machine is supplied with a power cable connected, the end of the first lead part with the power of the identifier must be properly connected, illegal operation may cause electric shock.

    4. when the machine provides voltage three-phase 380V power supply, you must also enter the zero line, that is the standard three-phase four-wire other packaging equipment such as vacuum packaging machine. Otherwise, the machine does not work, and can easily burn the internal electrical components.

    5. the shrinking machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise it will shorten the life of heating pipes. Transmitted on the network with the machine, its tilt the installation will result in off-center belt.

    6. the shrinking machine will continue to use more than three months, the response to contraction of room temperature to check wires, according to their age level, appropriate replacement.

    7. the shrinking machine work, and other parts of the operator's hand does not allow the operation of the machine parts in contact, especially in high temperature inside the chamber contraction, it is easy to burn.

    8.  after packaging, should be shut down heating switch, so that transport motor and fan motor continues to run about 10 minutes, then cut off the power.

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