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Innovative research in the food packaging industry

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Innovative research in the food packaging industry

Issue Time:2012-04-10
The food industry in China in recent years rapid development, food manufacturers and competition intensified, of course, subsequently led to the development of associated processing and packaging industry. Domestic food packaging and processing, in the common technology and conventional equipment, has formed a more perfect system, but is still unsatisfactory in key equipment and key technologies.

Food and packaging plant is an important industry, technology and equipment for the food industry plays a pivotal role in the development of the food industry. The technical level of the food and packaging plant, is an important symbol to measure the ability of the food industry technology and equipment. No modern food and packaging plant, there is no modern food industry. The next five years, the period of development, the development of China's food and packaging companies of important strategic opportunities for China to build a moderately prosperous society. During this period, food and packaging companies shoulder the important mission to promote the value added of agricultural products, farmers' income and food industries, industrial upgrading, market competition will become increasingly fierce.

Few manufacturers of professional research and development of domestic packaging plant, which is also our inadequacies. However, in the domestic packaging plant horizontal labeling machine off efforts under the domestic packaging machinery have a good achievement in terms of measurement, manufacturing, technical performance, especially beer, beverage filling equipment has a high degree of automation, high-speed, complete sets, reliability is good. Food packaging machine technology significantly improved the mechanical and electrical integration, automatic packaging machine equipment surge in demand for the next few years, a variety of food packaging machinery demand will grow rapidly.

With the continuous increase of China's food safety management, food processing, packaging automation requirements. Automatic Sealer as a typical device in the automatic packaging equipment, automated rely mainly on light-sensitive sensor.

Automatic Sealer in food production equipment, mainly rely on the light-sensitive sensor to achieve the automation of the packaging process. The auto-seal packaging applications on the one hand improve the productivity of enterprises, on the other hand, played a significant role in promoting the quality control of the production process.

On the one hand, commonly used in food enterprises automatically sealing the light-sensitive system is mainly the combination of photoelectric control system, automatic positioning in a packaging bag, align the cursor, reducing manual adjustment, improve the utilization rate of packaging materials, but also has speed detection function, digital display Packaging speed, and can automatically shut down after setting up a number of packaging. Food run out of a sense of packaging systems requires a light-sensitive sensor and bag making system synchronization, bag making high precision, small error.

In addition, automatic sealing packaging equipment is to position the cursor through the light-sensitive sensor to synchronize control of the packaging system, and then through the light control system, in order to complete the auto-seal packaging. Used to achieve the position control of photovoltaic technology provides a combination of linear or rotary motion components with fixed landmarks to achieve a simple and repeatable movement. It uses a fast response time of the op amp with a power of the parallel work of the phototube. Thus to achieve a number of components a few systems, in a clearly defined work environment, high reliability, accuracy and repeatability.

The application of light-sensitive sensor for automatic packaging equipment has opened up a new space for development. Coupled with the continuous application of computer technology, automatic packaging equipment will be integrated more computer technology, as well as photoelectric control technology, modern packaging machinery. Computer simulation design technology, design and development of automated machinery to provide convenient conditions for the various machine elements stored in computer database, drawing digitized and entered into the computer, the computer can automatically synthesize a three-dimensional model, and in accordance with production requirements to the actual production data entry, simulation run. Automatic packaging machinery industry, the development of science and technology have been fully reflected, and also provides a good platform to bring the photoelectric control. By the light-sensitive sensor as the core of the computer-controlled automated packaging machinery will become the main direction of development of packaging machinery.
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