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DTB-82CS Double side labeling machine

DTB-82CS Double side labeling machine

DTB-82CS Double side labeling machine
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total power3KW
power supply380V; 50HZ
label specificationsW.30~100mm H.30~160mm
Bottle sizethickness 15-120mm, Height 90-300mm
Labeling accuracy±1.0mm
Width for label10-150mm
Height for conveyor840-900mm
Machine size2400mm×1500mm×1600mm
Update Time2019-07-22
Detail Information


This machine is widely used in food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, metal, plastic, printing and other industries; such as flat shampoo bottles, flat medicine bottles and so on. It adopts standard PLC,  touch screen, standard sensor electronic control system, human-computer interface in Chinese and English notes and improve the function of fault tips, operational guidance functions, troubleshooting instructions; easy to use and easy maintenance; no product non-labeling, non-sticker auto-correction and automatic detection function. It can be also matched with batch coder or printer coder function.

Technical parameters:

total power
power supply
380V; 50HZ
label specifications
W.30~100mm H.30~160mm
Bottle size
thickness 15-120mm, Height 90-300mm 
Labeling accuracy
Width for label
Height for conveyor
Machine size


1.     The double sides’ automatic labeling machine is applicable to square bottles or flat bottles in double mark or single mark.

2.      This shape belt is able to be inclined.

3.     The pressure between the active axle and the press roller can be adjusted, so the running direction of the label can be adjusted freely. In common the label is only pressed flexibly, so it acts without a certain orientation.

4.     The labeling head adopts the structure of the double press rollers. It guarantees that the label is pulled tightly but is not broken because of the underneath paper die-cutting. The separated clutch makes the strain more balanced.

5.     The Chinese human interface and the on-line helping system make it easy to operate the machine for the workers. The press belt gear into the main transporting line, so it makes the transporting lines work synchronous absolutely.

6.     The machine applies the famous server motor, so it realizes real closed loop controlling and it avoids the phenomenon of “the blind man walks” when the machine apply the stepper motor. The high accurately subdividing and the inside encoder guarantee that it is very accurate to label. The acceleration and the clutch raise are set by the computer. 

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